Interview with Anthony!

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How do you make a Banner pic?

April 1, 2018.

I was given the job by our media people to make a banner photo for the studio website. That was the brief, apart from maybe showing the cyc curve.

That got me thinking, so I called up a favourite model and bribed her into posing for me: I had a vague idea. 

Ages ago it got very hot, so I bought a large fan made in China, possibly from tank and aircraft parts. It is indestructible and the motor is incredibly powerful, with a propeller in black anodised metal. On full power, it moves by itself at speed. So, my notes below.

Version 1: 

Not enough red fabric, black fabric needs an iron, don’t like stand & shot bags. Her legs wrong & maybe curve isn’t accentuated enough – unsure.

Version 2: 

Better with props, black scarf looks dead & body shadow looks misshapen. Hair & face fine. Need more muscle differentiation. Needs to ‘strain’ more & tighter facial muscles. Still don’t like stand & shot bags. 

Version 3: 

Almost there. Body better, but lighten thighs a bit, bloody scarf really bugs me – get a lighter material perhaps, so it “flies”. Now hair’s dead. Maybe a 2nd fan? Tighter composition fits better, more compact. Red fabric bits still look too few. Buy more red fabric & tear into strips. Lighting perfect to show curve.

Version 4: 

Not done yet – after the Easter break!

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Easter. Talk to you later about my next challenge!

- Anthony